If the Green party has the best policies, why does hardly anyone vote for them?

According to the Vote for Policies website, the Green party has by far the best range of policies.

Over 400,000 people have taken the survey in which they must pick their favourite policy out of a range of six without knowing which parties they come from. It isn’t a completely blind survey because in some categories it is fairly easy to identify the policies of a particular party (the BNP on immigration, the Green Party on the environment …), but it is very good, and it’s about as close to a properly blind political policy survey as it is possible to do.

The Green party policies have been picked as the best over 25% of the time, with Labour in second with just over 20%, the Lib Dems 3rd (17%) The Tories 4th (15%) UKIP fifth (12%) and the BNP last (10%).

Of the 9 categories in the survey, Green party policies have been judged the best in 4 of them (health, education, crime, environment) and second best in 4 more (economy, welfare, immigration, democracy). The only category in which they weren’t judged as one of the two best out of six was Europe, where they were judged 4th best.

In order to put this into perspective a little, it is interesting to note how unpopular the policies of UKIP were. They finished 3rd in one category (economy), 4th in another (welfare) and 5th in all of the other 7 categories.

In a blind “tasting” the Greens romped to victory, and a small minority of people picked the UKIP policies as the best. However in the 2014 European elections the pattern was reversed and UKIP were the ones that romped to victory, whilst the Green party came in 4th, marginally ahead of the politically toxic Lib Dems.

This huge disparity between the quality of policies and the performances in elections is very interesting, and it raises an important question. If people aren’t voting for political parties based on the quality of their policies, what are the reasons they are voting for them?

In my view two of the most common reasons people vote for parties are habit and media coverage. READ MORE HERE…


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